7 Features to Look for in a Local Business WordPress Theme

For a local business, having a website is a very important asset to have. It not only results into added sales, but also acts as a web-facing storefront for the business. It is the one place where most people will go to look for information when they are looking to buy something. When you are looking for a theme for your local business, it is important that it has a number of features that will help you get more difference, promote your brand online as well as integrate social networking features in your online marketing plans. Below are some of the absolutely important features you need to look for in a theme when selecting one for your local business. [Read more…]

Importance of a Modern Business WordPress Theme

When it comes to choosing a WordPress theme for your small business, you may be tempted to go for the free options more often than not. Well, there are plenty of free themes out there so why go for the premium theme? Most of the time, you may be wondering why you should pay for a premium theme with all the free options that are available out there. Well, there is a huge difference between the free themes and the premium ones and this is not just about the looks alone. There is more to a WordPress theme than just the looks and customization options. [Read more…]