The 7 Best WordPress Premium Themes

When it comes to quality themes, premium WordPress themes are the best option for every function. Having a premium WordPress theme sets your site apart from the rest of the competition and adds a feel of professionalism to your business, brand or company. Even with great content on your site, it is important that you have a high quality theme in order to capture the attention of the audience and increase your conversion rate. You may have an amazing site but when it does not display properly on mobile devices and other gadgets, then it is considered to be lacking in quality and greatly degrades the user experience.

So, what are some of the best WordPress premium themes that you can use for your WordPress site? Well, read on and find out some of the best theme out there and the features that make these themes stand out from the rest. The list is in no way meant to be comprehensive since there is a multitude of themes out there but it does a good job of showcasing some of the very best themes.

1. The X Theme

x theme

This can be said to be the theme of the year. It neatly combines elements of functionality and design together hence giving you the ability to create unlimited websites using the same theme. Introduced early 2014, the theme has become an instant success and everyone that reviews it is giving it high ratings. This theme has everything that a site owner would wish for combined in a neat package. With a regular license going for $60 and an extended license at $3000, the theme can be found here

2. Karma

Karma theme

This is a fully responsive parallax enabled theme with special features such as an Isotope gallery with Fancybox which comes in handy for integrating your site with image and video sharing sites such as Instagram and YouTube. It also has a vertical timeline layout with a whole set of icons and media queries. The regular license for this theme goes for $55 while the extended theme is at $2750. The theme can be found at this link: Karma Theme

3. Wiksi


When looking for a fully responsive WordPress theme that is based on the new html5 and css3 architecture, this may be just what the doctor ordered. With this theme, you can design sites that are easily accessible from desktops, smartphones and even tablets. This theme comes with cross-browser support, a revolution sliders and opportunities for endless customization. The theme goes for a one-time flat fee of $49 and can be found here: Wiksi Theme

4. Nexus Modern Magazine Theme


This is a magazine styled theme that comes with lots of modules, styles and short codes which give you complete control over the front-end and back-end of your site. This is the theme of choice for magazine websites since one is able to present a huge amount of content in a magazine style. The theme is available here

5. TastyFood


In case you are looking to establish a food or lifestyle site or blog, this is the theme for you. This theme has a strong sense of visual engagement incorporated into it with a stylish design. You can include a ratings and reviews feature for your food presentations in order to get a higher level of engagement with your users. This theme also enables you to earn a bit on the side with six different ad placement options available. The theme goes for $49 and can be obtained here: Tastyfood Theme

6. Photocrati

For those who specialize in photography, this is one of the best themes there is out there. It comes with a built-in gallery system, a photography options panel and much more features. This is the ideal potion for photographers and is also very highly customizable. You can get the theme here

7. Bazar Shop


Of course, this list cannot be complete without a theme for ecommerce since this is what most people look for. An ecommerce theme has to be customizable and brandable in order to bring out the image of a business in the best way possible. This is all wrapped together into a single package with the Bazar Shop theme. This theme is powered by WooCommerce and has unlimited styling options to customize your site. This theme goes for $60 for the regular license and $3000 for the extended license and can be found here

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